Taking over the galaxy, one shipload at a time.

Shipload is an economic space trading game where you and your crew of motley space creatures will compete with other players to uncover markets on new planets, discover the best deals, and establish your presence in the far reaches of the universe. Remember: buy low, sell high, and keep your fanciest top hat on.

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Shipload is currently in development and subject to change.

Recruit the best crew.

Hire and collect the top pilots, analysts, and other expert crew members to give your trade empire an edge over other players. Each crew member can be assigned a role in your company to help increase your profits.


Customize your trade fleet.

As your company grows and you bolster your fleet, will you optimize your ships for speed to quickly take advantage of the best deals, or opt for slower ships capable of carrying larger loads? You decide based on your perferred playstyle.

Chart an ever-changing universe.

With a procedurally generated planetary map and dynamic economy, everyone playing will share new and unique games. Explore the galaxy every season to uncover new trade routes and different ways to become the top trader.

map of planets
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Become the top trader.

The Intergalactic Trade Commission issues a list of the best traders every season and rewards the top performers. Can you beat out your fellow players to earn the coveted top spot and be celebrated by the galaxy?

Take your trading to a whole new level.

Shipload will leverage the EOS blockchain to create a player-to-player market to allow trading of some items and equipment. This market will be usable with one of the in-game currencies: the SCRAP token.

two players trading
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SCRAP - Salvage, Trade, and Power Up.

Every great trader has the ability to turn garbage into gold. Shipload will support the SCRAP token, a fairly distributed token that anyone is free to mine. Learn more about SCRAP and how to get yours by visiting its website!

SCRAP Homepage

Are you ready to become the best trader space has ever seen?

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